Firebase Hosting (What I Know So Far)

I’ll talk about Firebase Hosting, excited? Note: You all need a Google account to use Firebase hosting. Do you know? Configuration SSL is integrated into Firebase Hosting with zero configuration and SSL to always deliver content securely.  Moreover, you can upload a static website using Firebase hosting. APIs supported by Firebase hosting, such as GoogleContinue reading “Firebase Hosting (What I Know So Far)”

Firebase In App Messaging (What I Know So Far)

In App Messaging, you can connect with your app’s active users by sending them contextual messages that encourage them to use important app features. It may be tempting to send push notifications with Firebase CloudMessaging, but it can happen that users loathe unwanted push notifications. In-app messages can be sent to specific user groups toContinue reading “Firebase In App Messaging (What I Know So Far)”

Firebase App Indexing (What I Know So Far)

For over a year, the Firebase App Index, a database of the most popular mobile apps in the world, has been available free of charge in the Google Play Store.  The Firebase App Indexing API supports Google Device Indexes and makes personal content searchable on any device. Previously, app indexing had to upload content toContinue reading “Firebase App Indexing (What I Know So Far)”

Firebase Dynamic Links (What I Know So Far)

You can create a dynamic link using the Firebase console by using a Dynamic Link parameter (see step by step details below). You can also create dynamic links with Firebase – Console – Dynamic – Link – Form – Url by creating a URL by adding the Dynamic Link parameter to your app’s URI prefix. Continue reading “Firebase Dynamic Links (What I Know So Far)”

Firebase Remote Config (What I Know So Far)

Firebase Remote Config is a cloud service that allows you to change the behavior and appearance of your app without the user having to download app updates. Firebase is the platform developed by Fire base Inc. since 2011 for the development of mobile and web applications.  If you are using Remote Config, create a defaultContinue reading “Firebase Remote Config (What I Know So Far)”

Firebase Extensions (What I Know So Far)

Firebase extension can help to set budget alerts and monitor usage bills and dashboards in the Firebase console to create best practices for your project. You will be taken to a Firebase console page that lists all your projects, along with a list of extensions available for each project.  Instructions will show you the resourcesContinue reading “Firebase Extensions (What I Know So Far)”

Firebase Predictions (What I Know So Far)

Firebase provides the ability to analyze your app’s data and create dynamic user groups based on users predicted behavior. Firebase Predictions can work with Remote Config to increase conversions by providing customized experiences based on user behavior, and you can work with notifications composer to deliver the right messages to the right user group.  FirebaseContinue reading “Firebase Predictions (What I Know So Far)”

Firebase A/B Testing (What I Know So Far)

Firebase offers robust, cost-effective, and free use, but developers need to spend time designing apps and frameworks around remote configurations to test hypotheses in production apps with actual users. A year and a half ago, I learned about Firebase’s remote config experiment and started using it in my current product CricPlay to achieve a reasonableContinue reading “Firebase A/B Testing (What I Know So Far)”

Firebase App Distribution (What I Know)

The Firebase App Distribution API is used to upload artifacts and files from your Google Cloud Platform account to the Firebase App Distribution. This command will do this and then try to publish the build in the Firebase App distribution. You should also receive a Firebase app distribution email asking you to test your app.Continue reading “Firebase App Distribution (What I Know)”

Firebase Real-time Database: Everything You Need to Know

Firebase Realtime Database is a cloud-hosted NoSQL database that allows you to store and synchronize your users in real-time. In this article, I will show you how to use it, but it is really just a large JSON object that any developer can manage in real-time. The Firebase database provides the current value of dataContinue reading “Firebase Real-time Database: Everything You Need to Know”

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