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Firebase A/B Testing (What I Know So Far)

Firebase offers robust, cost-effective, and free use, but developers need to spend time designing apps and frameworks around remote configurations to test hypotheses in production apps with actual users.

A year and a half ago, I learned about Firebase’s remote config experiment and started using it in my current product CricPlay to achieve a reasonable benchmark for meaningful A/B testing. Depending on the degree of code customization, you can manage up to 10-20% of the entire code base of your app. 

I made no mistakes and dozens of experiments later I listed all my mistakes in this blog post as well as in the Firebase A / B Testing Guide. 

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So you have to do an experiment with a couple of test devices and wait a week or two for the A / B test to tell you which variant is the winner making changes based on the results. Experimenting with real apps in production with real audiences will not be enough to get meaningful results, so you need to validate your experiments with tests on any device and make sure everything looks good before you click the “Start Experiment” button. 

By conducting marketing experiments, our engineering and marketing teams understand user behavior and optimize the app experience. The AB Testing platform, based on Firebase Remote Config, allows you to conduct experiments on a variety of devices, from mobile devices to desktop devices. You can also access the Fire Base demo project to check your A / B experiments. 

Please note that the above features are only available for Firebase Remote Config and not for the Fire Base A / B testing platform. Fire Base is a platform that provides free access to the AB test platform as well as a number of other features. 

This article is a tutorial on how to set up and integrate Firebase A / B testing and FireBase Remote Config for iOS with your iOS app. We will develop a very simple iOS application to demonstrate how we will use Firebase to perform a / b testing. If you are creating a new app with Firebase that does not have the a / b test feature, please make sure that it is compatible with the iOS version of the app in question. 

Remote Config is a Firebase feature that allows you to configure your app within the Firebase console. The focus of this article is on setting up a test so that we can later use Firebase Remote Config for iOS with our iOS app. To illustrate and describe the process, we will give a somewhat simple and potentially useful example. 

There is everything you need to do in the Firebase console to set up Remote Config, from setting up the app to configuring your app to setting up the test itself. 

Remote Config alone is a nice feature that can be used in a variety of scenarios, but combining it with A / B testing becomes a powerful weapon. B testing is another feature of Firebase related to a / b testing, and it is one of the most powerful features in the entire Firebase ecosystem. 

It is still in beta and currently supports various remote configs that apply to each segment, but it is currently supported for both A / B and B tests. 

Basically, Firebase Testing runs on a Remote Config, a cloud service that allows you to change the behavior and appearance of your app without the user having to download any app updates. The best way to find out is to run your A / B tests on the remote config of Fire baseB. It splits the app into different groups and makes it easy to see the correct version of each app for each of them. 

Using sophisticated Bayesian statistics, Firebase analyzes all the app data you get back, so you can be sure that the data you see is not just random. The use of Fire baseB A / B tests can make it easier for you to develop better habits, which in turn makes them more effective in the long term. 

When users launch the app for the first time, Fabulous presents them with a letter to form better habits, shows them how to complete the habit, and asks them to commit to a simple routine. This gives you the ability to test whether you can move the needle by spreading changes, features, or engagement campaigns across the apps interface. 

A B test works with FCM, you can create experiments in Remote Config to make changes to the behavior and appearance of the app as variants of an experiment. You can test different marketing messages on different devices, so you can test the changes in different ways, e.g. in a different location, in the same app, or across multiple devices. B tests to enhance and test your product experience, and it is what drives the results that matter most to you.


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